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UPDATE (May 25th, 2021): The Senate on Monday adopted the Conference Committee report, clearing the final hurdle to get Constitutional Carry to the Governor's Desk.


Today the Texas House took the final vote (82-62) to put the Constitutional Carry bill on a direct path to the Governor's Desk. State Rep. Matt Schaefer, the bill's author, announced Friday that the Conference Committee on House Bill 1927 had reached an agreement and the bill would soon become state law.

With today's vote -- and a pending vote in the Texas Senate -- the bill will be sent to Governor Greg Abbott who has already indicated his intent to sign the popular Constitutional Carry measure into law.

The bill as passed will focus on several key provisions:

  • If you are an unlicensed individual above the age of 21, you have the right to carry a handgun in a holster in nonprohibited public places.

  • An individual who is previously prohibited from possessing firearms under state and federal law will not be given the right to possess one.

  • Additionally, the unlicensed carry of a handgun in sensitive places will still be prohibited.

  • Places where weapons were previously prohibited, such as schools or college campuses, will not be changed.

  • Lawful citizens will still go through the same process to purchase a weapon under current law.

HB 1927 will take effect as state law on September 1, 2021. For specifics related to the enacting language for various portions of the bill, read the Conference Committee Report here.

This bill's passage marks the strongest victory for pro-2nd Amendment grassroots in recent history and is a highlight of one of the most Conservative Texas legislative sessions in state history.


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