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The Texas House Republican Caucus proudly united today on the House Floor to pass an important bill to protect religious freedom and ensure that no governmental entity has the power to close a house of worship.

House Bill 1239 by THRC Policy Committee Chairman Scott Sanford was among the priority issues outlined in Governor Greg Abbott’s State of State Address in February. The bill prohibits any governmental entity from issuing an order or passing an ordinance that would close houses of worship. In addition to adding a prohibition on closures, the bill also creates a defense against prosecution under the protection of the 1st Amendment

The unprecedented closure of churches, mosques, and synagogues in 2020 negatively impacted many who were struggling with isolation and stress during the pandemic. These closures were ultimately overturned and are unconstitutional as they infringe on 1st Amendment rights.

For many Texans, their foundation is built upon faith. We need to protect access to churches and houses of worship and the rejuvenating experience in practicing that faith with fellow believers.

The bill now moves onto the Senate where it will continue in the legislative process. For more on how the Texas House Republican Caucus is delivering on priority issues, visit our News & Policy page.


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