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Texas has the 9th-largest economy in the world and we are committed to keeping Texas strong on business and jobs. Below are some key victories in the Texas House to support businesses and help them navigate the recovery phase post-pandemic.

#HB5 by state Rep. Trent Ashby is the landmark broadband expansion bill that will define high-speed internet and work to increase access for rural Texans and underserved urban communities. Read more on the bill here:

#HB7 by state Rep. Angie Chen Button creates a stopgap solution to ensure Texas’ unemployment fund remains solvent without crushing Texas small businesses that pay into the fund. Read more on the bill here:

#HB1195 by state Rep. Charlie Geren also protects small businesses by not taxing them for receiving Paycheck Protection Program loans. Read more on the bill here:

#HB3376/#SB1438 by state Rep. Morgan Meyer closes a loophole that allowed taxing entities to hike property tax rates during the pandemic response, hurting many small businesses in the process. Read more on the bill here:

#HB3923 by state Rep. Tom Oliverson allows small businesses to band together to provide health benefits to employees, giving those businesses a competitive stance in negotiating those insurance plans. Read more on the bill here:

For more on Republican victories in the House this session, click the article links below.


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