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Texas Republicans Lead Record Voter Turnout in 2022 Elections, Particularly in South Texas

In last Tuesday’s Primary Elections, Texas saw record voter turnout overall and post-election analysis reflects that participation significantly increased because of Republican voters. Greater GOP voter participation in South and Southwest Texas counties were especially critical in breaking previous turnout records.

Statewide turnout was 17.4% of registered voters, the highest combined turnout for a gubernatorial primary election since 1994. While turnout in a gubernatorial election is typically lower than a presidential year, almost as many voters participated in this year’s Republican primary as in 2020 and nearly 400,000 more votes were cast this year than in the last gubernatorial year (2018).

Ahead of this year’s primary elections, Republicans made considerable investments in candidates in South and Southwest Texas where progressive Democrats have alienated resident interests. The results of this election make it clear that those dollars and resources were wisely invested as turnout more than doubled in 31 counties across the state, mostly in South and West Texas. In Starr County, for example, 15 voters participated in the 2018 Republican Primary. On Tuesday, the county counted 1,773 votes, which is an 11,217% increase from four years ago.

Without question, enthusiasm and interest from Texas Republican voters carried voter turnout in last week’s primary elections. Their election activity has sent a clear message – the conservative principles championed by Republican elected officials speaks more to Texans across the state than the progressive policies pushed by the other side. Texas House Republicans will remain steadfast in their commitment to uphold those unifying principles, from protecting our southern border to ensuring Texas’ energy independence to funding law enforcement, and much more.


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