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  • The 16-member committee is made up of 12 elected positions from six regions, three at-large positions, and the Policy Chair

  • Chairman Jim Murphy taps Scott Sanford to return as Policy Chair for the Caucus

  • Chair Murphy also appoints Terry Wilson as Caucus Floor Leader

AUSTIN, TEXAS — The Texas House Republican Caucus today solidified its members for its Policy Committee serving in the 87th Texas Legislature. Leading the committee is returning Chairman Scott Sanford, who was appointed by Caucus Chairman Jim Murphy.

The Policy Committee is responsible for providing analysis and vote recommendations for members of the Texas House Republican Caucus. The Policy Committee consists of 16 Members: two members elected by the members within each of the six geographic regions of the state; three at-large members appointed by the Caucus Chair, and the Caucus Policy Chair.

The committee members are as follows:

  • Scott Sanford, Chair

  • Andrew Murr, Vice-Chair & at-large member

  • Lacey Hull, at-large member

  • Jacey Jetton, at-large member

  • Reggie Smith, East Region

  • Keith Bell, East Region

  • Shelby Slawson, Central Region

  • Charles "Doc" Anderson, Central Region

  • Steve Allison, South Region

  • Ben Leman, South Region

  • Glenn Rogers, West Region

  • David Spiller, West Region

  • Jared Patterson, North Region

  • David Cook, North Region

  • Mike Schofield, Southeast Region

  • Dennis Paul, Southeast Region

"I am grateful to the Texas voters for sending such strong Conservative representatives to serve in the Texas House," Chairman Jim Murphy said after Wednesday's Caucus meeting. "This Policy Committee both analyzes and makes recommendations on bills that come to the House Floor for votes. They also spend hundreds of hours pouring over bills, helping propel our new members into leadership roles as a policy resource for their fellow Caucus members.

"It really is a great place to learn about and lead on key issues facing Texans. And we all appreciate these members taking on this additional responsibility."

For more on the Policy Committee, go to our website at

In addition to Policy Committee elections, Chairman Murphy also appointed Terry Wilson to be the Floor Leader for the 87th Texas Legislature. The Floor Leader oversees six Deputy Floor Leaders (to be appointed) and leads the charge for organizing Caucus members on the House Floor during key votes.

The Texas House Republican Caucus is comprised of all Republican members serving in the Texas House of Representatives. The Caucus provides research, education, policy development, and other support to its members and their staff.

The Texas House Republican Caucus works to promote limited government, fiscal responsibility, and personal liberty to continue cultivating economic growth for all Texans.



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